Quality Policy Statement

This Quality Policy Statement is ZECPL’s written commitment to continually improve quality, create value for all stakeholders and deliver the highest level of service excellence.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We ensure our services comply with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements, including health, safety, environmental, and ethics.

Quality Policy:

• Continuously monitor, review and develop our business management systems, processes and procedures to achieve continual improvement, sustainability and effectiveness.

• Listening to our customers and employees and adapting to their needs.

• Building our knowledge base and rapidly deploying this knowledge into project improvements.

• To achieve total customer satisfaction at each stage of a project.

• Construction and delivery of projects in a stipulated timeframe.

• To offer high-quality construction at an economical cost.

• Maximum utilisation of available resources in terms of human resources and material.

• Build a culture of continual improvement in the company through motivation, participation and training of employees.