Mr. Mohammad Zakir Zuberi

Managing Director

Mr. Mohammad Zakir Zuberi, Founder of the Zuberi Engineering Construction Private Limited (Formerly Known as Zuberi Engineering Company), is Promoter and Managing Director of the Company.








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Personal Experience

Mr. Mohammad Zakir Zuberi is the Founder, Managing Director and Promoter of Zuberi Engineering Construction Private Limited (Formerly known as Zuberi Engineering Company).
With over four and a half decades of experience in planning, construction and quality management, Mr. Zuberi has been instrumental in the success of ZECPL. He strategizes on formulating business plans for growth and extending the company’s footprint. ZECPL exponential growth can be attributed to Mr. Zuberi’s undying zeal to complete projects on time.

He looks after the company’s overall management, operational, and technical aspects. He has a diverse knowledge of engineering and construction and is actively involved in continuous value engineering.

He mentors an empowered leadership team to resolve challenges with smart solutions and ensures they have a clear vision and plans for future growth.

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